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Memberships and Dues

Breakdown for Membership Dues

Yearly dues

Playgroup $15 The Neighborhood or Working Moms playgroup
Club $ 5 A Club encompasses all playgroups within the same area
Executive $35 Covers member-wide programs and benefits


When you join as a Alumni / Support Group Member or Auxiliary Member you only pay the Executive dues.


Executive Mid-Year Dues Reduction (For new or trial-upgrade members only)

January 1 - June 30 $35
July 1 - November 30 $25
December 1 - December 31   ** See note

** This is our renewal month. Anyone who joins in December will pay the full dues which cover both December and the following year. (I.e. If you join in Dec 2011, you are a member through December, 2012).

For example, a member joining one standard Playgroup in July will pay $45 rather than $55 for their calendar-year membership (reduced Executive fee + Playgroup + Club = $45).


Notes about Membership Dues

  • To join an additional Playgroup in the same Club area, a member will pay $15 per Playgroup joined.
  • To join the same playgroup with an additional sibling (such as for twins), there is no additional charge as the membership is per caregiver.
  • Executive dues are paid only once yearly regardless of the number of Playgroups and Clubs joined.
  • Dues to a specific Club are paid only once yearly regardless of the number of Playgroups they may join in that Club area.
Please note that dues are non-refundable and non-transferable