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Memberships and Dues

Breakdown for Membership Dues

Yearly dues for New, Upgrade, or Renewing Member

Playgroup $15 The Neighborhood playgroup
Club $ 5 A Club encompasses all playgroups within the same area
Executive $55 Covers member-wide programs and benefits


When you join as a Alumni Member you only pay the Executive dues.

Spouses, Partners or Caregivers may be listed under your Membership for free. 

Notes about Trial and New/Upgrade/Renewal Membership

Trial Membership

  • Trial membership is free for two months
  • Trial members may trial up to four playgroups total at a time
  • Trial members may switch playgroups for free 

New/Upgrade/Renewing Paid Membership (Full membership)

  • Membership dues are paid based on the sign up, upgrade or renewal date. 
  • Members are allowed maximum two playgroups per child.
  • Each playgroup joined at any time is $20. There is no free playgroup switching. 
  • To join the same playgroup with an additional sibling (such as for twins), a member will must pay for all children added. 
  • If a playgroup is added any time during a member's year membership, that playgroup will expire the same day as the original membership expiration date.  
  • Executive dues are paid only once yearly regardless of the number of Playgroups and Clubs joined. 
Please note that dues are non-refundable and non-transferable