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Scholarships Now Available
Version 2.0 of our Scholarship Program is live as we hope to help more people join Las Madres!
Our Playgroups
Join one or more of our 40 Playgroups and connect with other families in your neighborhood.
Latest News
Our goal is for parents to stay connected virtually with other parents through our online platform.
Latest news
2 Month Free Trial Membership
Join us with a free 2 month trial and find which playgroups are right for you and your children.
BigTruck Hats for Gilead House
Support Gilead House with the purchase of a SMMC BigTruck hat. Hats are
$27 each with $10 going to Gilead House. Get yours at an upcoming event!

Welcome to the Southern Marin Mothers' Club!
 We are here for you
Provided by SMMC for members who have new babies, dealing with prolonged illness, or just in need of a helping hand

IMPORTANT Announcement:2022 Preschool Education Fair is scheduled


Join us on Wednesday 9th of November for our annual education fair and connect with representatives from over 30 schools to learn more about quality programs in our area and to get your questions answered.  For more information and to register go to 


Welcome to Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups!

Las Madres was founded in 1953 and operates as a non-profit today. We’re a group of parents and other caregivers, just like you, who organize playdates, parent only events, a local education fair, parenting education, business partner discounts and other group activities. Playgroups are the heart of Las Madres and are formed annually throughout Santa Clara County. Groups are organized by the year of your child’s birth and meet in your neighborhood. Playgroups meet often for socializing and playtime, and once formed, stay active within Las Madres for 4-5 years. We warmly welcome moms, dads, grandparents and other caregivers with children under the age of 5 to join at any time. Take a look around our site to learn more and sign up for your 2 month free trial when you are ready. We look forward to welcoming you!

Join Us Today!

Membership Benefits


Playgroups are where most members connect with other parents and the children enjoy playdates. Nothing substitutes for the ability to build friendships with parents who are faced with similar parenting issues. Our playgroups span across Silicon Valley and are organized by neighborhood, and then by birth year.

Exclusive Events and Programs

Las Madres organises events to support our entire organization and our wider community - Movie Afternoons, Baseball Games, Events at the Children's Discovery Museum, Luncheons, Santana Row Mommy & Me and many more.  We also have community service, parental education, diversity and inclusion programs, you can participate in.

Online Community

Las Madres has a vibrant online community.  There are literally 100's of groups you can join, here are a couple of examples - Chit Chat, About Town, Working Parents, Looking for a School? Deals & Steals, Search & Find.  Also, there are social groups - crafting, gardening, organization groups and support groups - allergies, parents of 3, postpartum groups to name a few.

Member Discounts

One of the great benefits of Las Madres is our Business Partner Program. Las Madres partners with many local businesses to offer fantastic discounts to our members on products, services and local attractions that parents find useful. 

 Find out more about our Business Partners Here!


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Recent Articles