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Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups is made up of MANY playgroups. Each Playgroup is made up of people who live in a specific neighborhood or area and have kids born within the same year. Each playgroup is a part of a larger Club that includes all of the Playgroups within a specific area.

Our neighborhood Playgroups are the heart of Las Madres:
  • Playgroups are where most members connect with other parents and the children enjoy playdates.
  • Nothing substitutes for the ability to build friendships with parents who are faced with similar parenting issues.
  • Many of our Las Madres members build lifelong friendships with the parents they meet through a Neighborhood Playgroup.
  • Our playgroups span across Silicon Valley and are organized by neighborhood, and then by birth year.
  • We use the Platform Workplace to manage all our playgroup activities.
  • As well as joining playgroups our membership includes other benefits as well.  Click Here to learn more.

Playgroups for 2019 by Area Club


In 2019 we have playgroups in the following Area Club:

  • Mountain View
  • Santa Clara/Sunnyvale
  • Rosegarden/Downtown/North Valley
  • Campbell/Cambrian
  • Willow Glen
  • Los Gatos/Saratoga
  • South Vally/Almaden/East San Jose

The below map is interactive. Click the menu button to view the map legend. You can also click on any one area and the map will pop up the individual playgroups for that area.

  • Please keep in mind that you can join ANY playgroup you want. If you live in the border of a couple playgroups feel free to join one or both.
  • Not all Clubs have every year so you can pick the area closest to you or join another year within your area.
  • Is your child born at the end of the birth year? You may want to consider joining the following year as well since they will likely be going to school with those children.